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How I can support your child's unique learning journey

Psychoeducational Assessments
Comprehensive assessment from school aged to young adult. Often assessing for Learning Disabilities (ex: Dyslexia), ADHD, Anxiety, & Autism.
My assessments also determine eligibility for Special Education services and/or 504 accommodation plans and/or standardized testing accommodations (ex: GMAT, GRE).
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I offer individual therapy for children and teens through the Cogntive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modality and/or Growth Mindset lessons to help build healthy habits and to foster new skill development.
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Virtual Assessments
I offer virtual Psychoeducational assessments on a case by case basis.
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IQ Testing
Often for gifted & talented programs and private school applications. IQ testing can be useful to understand your child's learning style.
Ages 2.5 - adulthood
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I'm Shelley Sinclair

I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist specializing in assessing psychological disorders that interfere with learning and school success. Over the past 12 years, I have had experience working in public schools and private practice.  Understanding how both systems work, provides an advantage in navigating support in and out of school.
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What parents are saying

“We were so lucky ”
"We were so lucky to find Shelley to perform an IQ test for our 4 year old son for a few private school applications! This is the first IQ test for him and we had no idea of how it would look like and how he would react to it. Shelley made the whole process so easy and carefree! She's responsive, quick and very professional throughout the process. Our son is shy with strangers and unfamiliar environment, so we brought this up with Shelley before the appointment day. Shelley reassured us that she has had a lot of experience with kids with different personalities and would try her best to make the environment and process as comfortable as possible for him. She truly nailed it! She's a really nice person with a soft tone and friendly vibe, which is critical for kids like my son to start building a bond. She explained the test to him in a very patient and cheerful way, which is also critical as my son quickly got interested in it and wanted to keep playing the "game". When we were done and about to leave, my son said he didn't want to leave, he wanted to keep playing haha. We are thankful for Shelley to turn the test into a fun game instead of a potentially bad experience. The turnaround time of her report was also really quick, and we are really pleased with the level of details in the report which clearly showcases his strengths and weaknesses. The report definitely helps us to understand our son better and it gives us recommendations of where we can focus on to help him grow further. We can't recommend Shelley enough. If you want to find a psychologist that's kind, friendly, patient and can bond quickly with kids, and professional and efficient with her work, she's the one!"
January 2024 - Parent of a 4 year old
“I felt very listened to”
"I am a young adult in graduate school and I needed formal neuropsych testing in order to qualify for accommodations for exams. My psychiatrist referred me to Shelley, and I had an outstanding experience. She worked around my schedule, responded promptly, and gave me very fair pricing (the best I could find) for her services. I felt very listened to and very much trusted Shelley's judgment and expertise. I am so grateful to have worked with Shelley and I would recommend anyone in need of services for themselves or their children to work with her."
July 2023 - Graduate School Student
"I highly recommend”
I highly recommend Shelley to anyone who'd like to know better of their kids. I chose Shelley after reading reviews, and I'd like to +1 to the 5-star reviews. Before Shelley, I had experienced multiple psychologists for kids' IQ tests and Shelley is obviously the best - Her report is more than giving a score and reasons for the evaluation, but a detailed report to help parents understand better their kids and how to help them grow. That is exactly what I need as a parent - the professional advices. Shelley also provided a list of resources that I can explore, super helpful information! Last but not least, I think Shelley is a very caring person. She gave my kid a small gift to reward his hardworking and my kid was delighted because of this recognition. I think this is a very positive encouragement to a small kid. She is a REAL psychologist. I highly recommend.
March 2023 - Parent of a 6 year old
“Shelley is so friendly”
"We recently scheduled a WISC assessment with Shelley for our seven-year daughter who is applying to a local private school. We were so impressed by her service. My daughter is an introvert and it normally takes time for her to talk to others. Shelley is so friendly that my daughter loved playing "games" with her. That definitely made the assessment more pleasant as my daughter didn't think it was an assessment or a test. She did well. We are also impressed by Shelley's promptness and her comprehensive assessment report. There are a lot of details that help us to understand my daughter better. My daughter even read the report on her own and said she admires that Shelley is such a good writer and that she wants to learn writing from Shelley! Overall, Shelley is one of the best educational psychologists that we've ever seen. Thank you so much Shelley!"

November 2023 - Parent of a 7 year old