Educational Psychologist

Clearing the path to
academic success.

Supporting your child's unique learning journey

Psychoeducational Assessment
Comprehensive assessment from school aged to young adult. Often assessing for Learning Disabilities (ex: Dyslexia), ADHD, Anxiety, & Autism.
My assessments also determine eligibility for Special Education services and/or 504 accommodation plans and/or standardized testing accommodations (ex: GMAT, GRE).
I offer individual therapy for children and teens through the Cogntive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modality and/or Growth Mindset lessons to help build healthy habits and to foster new skill development.
Virtual Assessments
I offer virtual Psychoeducational assessments on a case by case basis.
IQ Testing
Often for gifted & talented programs and private school applications. IQ testing can be useful to understand your child's learning style.
Ages 2.5 - adulthood

I'm Shelley Sinclair

I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist specializing in assessing psychological disorders that interfere with learning and school success. Over the past 12 years, I have had experience working in public schools and private practice.  Understanding how both systems work, provides an advantage in navigating support in and out of school.
About Me