I offer individual therapy for children and teens in person and online through the Cogntive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modality and/or Growth Mindset lessons to help build healthy habits and to foster new skill development.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The basis for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is that the way that we think affects the way that we feel, which affects the way that we behave. CBT is an evidenced-based modality that focuses on challenging and improving cognitive distortions. My goal is to help your child develop more productive thoughts and behaviors to improve their mental health ultimately.

Growth Mindset Counseling

Why Mindset Matters? Fixed mindsets are when we believe that our current intelligence and abilities are static and cannot be changed. A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities, skills, intelligence, aptitude and achievements can be improved with perseverance and purposeful practice.
Through my practice and hundreds of hours with kids, I've found the latter to be crucial in providing a well-rounded and strong foundational mindset in children. I also taught college-aged students in a "Success 101" course based on the teachings of the expert psychologist in growth mindset, Carol Dweck. I often found reaching students at this age, is in many ways, harder to change behavior.

My Approach

I will work with your child one-on-one to develop their growth mindset. Every child is different and presents various challenges. I will use a mix of the following to instruct them towards a healthy mindset

Workbooks and Worksheets that deal with specific challenges around growth Mindset
Breaking down presenting challenges in home (and at school if you wish)
Past success reviews
Anxiety coping skills
Positive Behavior charts
Reinforcement Survey's (to see what your child wants to work towards)
Identifying fixed vs. growth language
Planning for success
Mindset Quizes
Puzzles and more…

Topics We'll Discuss

Understanding a growth mindset
Healthy Mistakes
Changing your perspective
Positive self-talk
Using the power of "yet"
Coaching around specific child challenges and developing a growth mindset framework for that challenge