IQ Testing

Results can support evidence of reasoning ability for placement in gifted programs. The assessment can help you understand how your child learns best, to provide you with individualized strategies.

Some private schools in the Bay Area, such as Harker, Nueva, and Helios School, require cognitive testing as a component of the admission process. I am on the list of preferred psychologists for all three schools and have worked closely with prospective parents and admissions staff at these schools over the last few years.

Ages 2:6 - 5
Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV)​
Ages 6 - 16
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) (virtual option)
Ages 17:00 +
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults, Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)
Ages 2 - 85
Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Editions (SB-5) (*used for specific requests) ​
(*Test administered are the most current and up-to-date tests)

Tests Administered:  

IQ Test results can illuminate areas of cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Why Work With Me

Quick Turnaround Time
The report is typically sent to you within 3-5 days from the assessment
Convenient Location
The assessment takes places at my office in the heart of downtown: 146 Main Street, #216 in Los Altos.
Kid Friendly
I am skilled at supporting students and adjusting to various needs. The environment is warm and friendly. Students work towards earning a prize at the end of the session.
When you book online, you are booking only with me. I manage my scheduling and can be easily reached. If you need me to send additional copy of the report on your behalf, I do this at no additional cost

The Process

Step 1
Your child and I will spend a few minutes building rapport to ensure they are comfortable. The test will be presented as "activities."  My several years of experience in elementary schools helps support this process easily.
Step 2
I will send you the report to review through email. With your request and authorization, I can send the results to the prospective schools.
Step 3
A follow-up zoom call to review the meaning of the results, if requested, at no additional charge.


How much does the evaluation cost?
The assessment cost is $895.  I will send the report directly to the desired school after you provide permission.
How long does the IQ Assessment take?
Most children take between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the evaluation.  It depends on your child's pace, interest in small talk and need for breaks. I follow their pace.
How do I prepare my child for the assessment?
There is nothing to do to prepare your child for the assessment. The purpose of the examination is to assess your child's true abilities without preparation.  In fact, prior exposure to test materials and questions will invalidate the results.
How long does it take to receive the report?
The report is most often sent to parents 3-5 days after the assessment. Once you receive the report, you can let me know where to send the report (ex: which schools). There is no additional cost for sending the report to multiple schools.
What is included in the follow up session?
In the follow up session on Zoom, after reading the report, you are welcome to bring questions about your child’s cognitive profile. We will discuss strengths and challenges as well as general recommendations.
When can my child take an IQ test again?
You will need to wait at least one year and one day to take the same IQ test again. This is due to test-retest reliability.  Schools in the area require you to wait at least a year as well.
If my child scores very high on the IQ test, does this mean they are fit for a gifted and talented program?
IQ tests are not necessarily the only way to evaluate a child's potential or readiness for a high-performing school. As a parent, considering other factors such as your child's personal strengths, interests, and learning style are important to weigh out. Some parents seek to send their child to a gifted and talented, while others prefer to seek out supplemental resources in addition to their current school program.
What do I tell my child about this assessment?
You can tell your child that they are working with me to see how they learn best, through different activities. Many activities feel like games.  There are approximately 10 subtests (about 5 minutes each), which makes the process feel engaging for your child. You can also mention they are welcome to take breaks and ask questions. They are welcome to share information about their interests as we get started too.
How do I pay for the test?
You are welcome to pay via check or cash. Credit card can also be used with a 4% transaction fee. (*If finances are a burden, please reach out to me directly; I want to ensure I can be helpful and reasonable to those who need support).
What if my child is sick?
No problem at all. We will reschedule at a time soon that works for both of us. Your child likely will not perform their best if they are not feeling well.
Is it better to take the test later in the admissions season?
This is a personal choice for you and your family.  The IQ test is normed based on your child's year and month (ex: 6 years - 6 years & 3 months is one band), not just on their entire year.  It may not always be better to wait. However, please remember that the sessions become full as the new year approaches. The time best for your child's attention may not be available if you wait.
Where do I wait during the testing session?
The assessment session will take place in room #217. Right across the hall is #216, which has been converted into a waiting room for parents. If the child is anxious, you are more than welcome to stay for the first few minutes and/or stay close to the office. Parents often leave to walk around downtown and come back about an hour later. We exchange numbers in case I need to reach you, or you need to reach me.