Virtual Assesstments

My assessments are designed to provide you with diagnostic clarification and recommendations that are tailored to your child's unique needs, in the comfort of your own home.

How It Works

During the assessment process, I will focus on uncovering your child's cognitive, academic, and processing strengths and weaknesses. This will help me to gain a better understanding of their overall functioning and identify any potential barriers to learning. By doing so, I can provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines practical and actionable recommendations that can be implemented both at school and at home.

The Process

1) Intake
I seek to understand the reason for assessment referral. Information such as developmental history, a review of any previous assessments & previous school and current school performance is important. This information will guide the specific neurocognitive, acadacemic and processing areas (ex: attention, auditory, visual) to assess.

(About 20 minutes)
2) Assessment
The assessment often consists of an IQ assessment, a broad academic assessment, additional academic / neuropsychological assessments in the area of referral concern, cognitive processing assessments and a social-emotional assessment (ex: anxiety, depression, adaptive skills). Information is typically gathered from parents, the child, and teachers to have the most comprehensive understanding possible.

(ranges from 2-3 hours; typically 2-3 sessions)
3) After the Assessment
Once the assessment is complete, several hours are spent scoring the assessments, interpreting the results and synthesizing the information to be shared in an informative and reader-friendly report.
From the assessment report, parents will be able to understand how to help their child better at home and in the community. Recommendations will be made for school support (ex: IEP or Section 504 Plan, if appropriate). The section of the report is called the Action Plan

(2 weeks)
4) Parent Follow Up
A parent follow-up will be held to discuss the findings from the report and the Action Plan for support. This is a great time for parents to ask any questions and understand more ways to support their child. After this conversation, I am still available to answer questions as parents engage with new resources.

(30 minutes)